2023 Buick Riviera Concept is Alive Again

2023 Buick Riviera comeback

The latest rumors have got in the spotlight the long-lost GM vehicle. The word is about the almost ancient discontinued model of Buick Riviera. There is a rumor that suggests a possibility to reincarnate a new model as the 2023 Buick Riviera.

Although the chances are quite at the minimum, we would like to share and enthusiasm these days regarding new vehicle. Although has been out since 1999. We still put our hopes as loyal fans that some exclusive details are about to become available.

However, the official announcement of the GM car industry has given us a hint about adopting new technologies which will embrace a new way of exposing the new 2023 Buick Riviera. The so-called BIP version (Buick Intelligent Performance) of technology, is equipped with the engine of new “green” technology which will be the main feature of electric cars.

2023 Buick Riviera concept

2023 Buick Riviera Concept Highlights

Although the last appearance as a coupe had in 2013, the new 2023 Buick Riviera may have a chance to do the same. However, the smaller electric concept should do the work with minimum power usage, also with rechargeable batteries, it is very much environment safe.

The usage of materials will definitely affect overall performance in the total line-up. The versatile choice of colors is also a part of the new appearance. Those will go perfectly with the new silhouette of a smaller coupe design. Although it would be fitted into a new line-up and totally new imagined concept, the Riviera nameplate will always stand for sharp performance and sporty appearance.

2023 Buick Riviera Features

The electric convertible and coupe car will also tend to have safety features. Combined, those make a unique line-up for every generation. Experts estimate that even a standard offer comes with some cool options. For example, Lane Change Alert with Side Blind Zone, which helps the driver to avoid a possible collision. The other useful spec is Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning uses gentle steering wheel turn to alert you when you don’t keep the line.

The other safety spec that we cheer to have in the standard module is a ‘Following Distance Indicator’ that shows the gap time in seconds between your vehicle and a vehicle you’re following.

2023 Buick Riviera price


The interior of every Buick has many things to go upon, especially spaciousness and comfort. The other thing is materials in the cabin and for co-driver. The leather details and furnishing is even on the standard package with nice stitching and sharp colors.

The steering wheel has made an impression of the most reliable assistant during the ride. The comfort zone and additional legroom will tend to keep the unique console layout as a new experience. We can hope that these values will go as an option, even if its considered as a potential launching material.

2023 Buick Riviera release date

2023 Buick Riviera Engine and Specs

The engine of the future 2023 Buick Riviera is going to be questionable. But with new options, we believe it could be a sensation. The first engine option should be a 3.6-liter V-6 engine. However, it is possible that GM will add another turbocharged 2.0-liter inline-4 to the overall lineup.

Although hypothetically speaking, these versions of the engine are unlikely to be there. We have to set our hopes for hybrid and electric versions of the versatile engine. The more available options are in-game the greater are chances for possible release. Combined technology is useful for everybody, and GM is creating a new approach to the overall lineup. We believe that this engine and overall concept of 2023 Buick Riviera is just a general thought, but who knows what might happen in the future.

This is not the only comeback the GM is preparing. Read more about the 2023 Buick LaCrosse.

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  1. Can hardly wait for the the new Buick sedan line to come back. looking to replace our 2019 Buick Lacrosse with a newer model.

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