2024 Chevy Astro RS Van Rumors and Comeback Facts

2024 Chevy Astro RS Van render

The upcoming period is ideal for early presentations of various car industries. The never-ending competition among the rivals will tend to show off as much as possible can, but still, marketing has a leading role. This is supposed to be the case with the GM factory since there will be a lot of interesting rumors among the company walls. However, the upcoming new editions will be submerged into EV waters, so there will be more SUV segments involved. In the meantime, the fans are occupied with the models from the not so much recent past. The re-mastered versions of long discontinued vehicles are now trending so we can gather our thoughts on one thing, why do people do this? Some of the models had values of course, but outdated technology and design are not too attractive now days aren’t they? In the following period, we will mention some of the oldies but golden ones, and this is where we hit on the possible version of the 2024 Chevy Astro RS Van.

new 2024 Chevy Astro RS Van

2024 Chevy Astro RS Van Redesign

In its previous life, the Chevy Astro Van RS had a perfect camouflage with its boxy design and a secret truck posture. Even considered a van, it had more purposes and stronger output nearly as a truck. So what happened? The idea was nice and unique and lasted for more than a decade. After all, it was constructed using modified light-truck parts, so we shouldn’t really refer to it as a car. On the other hand, if GM wanted to bring it back, I suppose fans wouldn’t care as much about its actual position in the lineup. Although the reality is one and wishes for another, a rebirth is becoming less and less possible as time passes.

However, the digital era is not naïve, so several artists had an idea to recreate a new model of the 2024 Chevy Astro RS Van. At least, digital possible versions of the Van are available online. As we had an opportunity to see before, the mixture will tend to be interesting. The unofficial 2024 Silverado EV front end on the new Astro electric van, will follow its details. However, even with these details, the creators lost further interest in the effort. So we do not think that idea of this van is going to be real at all.

2024 Chevy Astro RS Van Possible Drivetrains

For over two decades, the Astro van was tempting the taste of loyal fans. Regarding the possibility for resurfaced the new version of the 2024 Chevy Astro RS Van, the engine choice is questionable. However, we had previously a chance to see the powerful engine mainly registered for SUVs and trucks for this matter. So we believe that the previous engine solution was not so bad.

The previous posture held a 4.3-liter V6 at first, which was a typical engine for Chevy trucks and SUVs at the time. The van’s current owner/seller didn’t change the engine, but at some point, this Astro’s V6 was replaced with a second-generation 5.7-liter LT1 V8. This is my previous experience regarding the steady version which is still available at dealers’ teams. However, there is no certain confirmation about this edition is even possible to be launched.


According to much feedback, the previous Astro van was more than just a van. No matter how many people want it back, there is no way that this version will drop any time soon. The pricing should not be a problem even if there were a chance for remodeling. The most probable outcome would be in an electric manner and this is definitely a more pricey version as well. According to some guesses, the new 2024 Chevy Astro RS Van should cost around $45,000. These numbers are closely connected with the most recent SUVs in the electric segment which should drop this year.

2024 Chevy Astro RS Van concept


Competitors are still at a small rate since the vans are not so much wanted as classical vehicles. The previous Astro van was a mixture of several sections with a steady design and an upgraded V8 engine. Basically, you buy a van a get an SUV with a longer wheelbase. There are still a lot of rumors regarding this edition, however, the idea is nice the model simply is not in the game. Since 2005, there was no further trying of making something like that. Plus, Generakl Motors can offer alternatives, such as GMC Savanna or Chevy Express van.

We still struggle to find something more adjustable, but people are running out of ideas. The most notable online art which represents possible redesign is still available, although even with that projects are practically dull. So, we believe that GM will tend to bring back something more operative and with secured revenue earnings.

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