2023 Buick Regal Review: GS, Grand National, Release Date

2023 Buick Regal facelift

The possibility of releasing the next-gen Buick is increasing every day. The new model of the seventh generation will be released as the 2023 Buick Regal, a vehicle like a midsize sedan or midsize wagon. This generation will suffer minor changes regarding exterior and redesign.

The Regal will continue to be one of the best-selling models, especially in this segment. The GM will tend to invest in various features, especially regarding the powertrain output and technical equipment. The main markets of this segment will remain the United States, Canada, Mexico and China. This model will be similar to the current one, but a greater makeover is planned for the 2024 model. There are some rumors about having in option a hybrid unit, but this is not confirmed yet.

2023 Buick Regal
The 2023 Buick Regal is coming out for the 50th anniversary of the first appearance

2023 Buick Regal Exterior Facelift

The refreshed model of GM carmaker will tend to be much better compared to the current model. However, with this upgrade, some minor exterior changes we could expect. The new 2023 Buick Regal will be based on a new GM VSS-F platform with new engineering features.

The exterior body style will be available as a 4-door sedan which will have similar featureс as its sibling TourX Wagon. Body style will tend to keep its personal features as classic lining and LED front lights. The front part will be pretty much the same, and the grille will be wider and still recognizable. The tires will also keep the similar sizing also with the same ground clearance.

2023 Buick Regal Interior

The interior of this mid-size sedan will keep new clients pretty much intrigued by the new features available. Most of the interior space will be comfortable and spacious so the driver and the passengers can enjoy the ride. One of the most interesting details regarding the interior is the introduction of a new infotainment system and the inclusion of GM Active Safety features and technologies.

The new Regal will be a 4-door sedan, which leaves enough room for fairly distinguished and classy styling of the interior. As the particularly and upgraded luxurious segment, this model can confirm this statement. LED details are more than efficient and lightning is strong enough for multiple occasions especially for long-term traveling. The furnishing can be expected in leather decorations, but maybe even in the standard package.

2023 Buick Regal interior

2023 Buick Regal Engine

For the new upcoming model of 2023 Buick Regal, the GM company has prepared two versions of engines. The one option is to have a V6 4-cylinder engine with 237 hp. This option is firmly quiet and isolated from the cabin. This may be the primary option taken into consideration and which is suitable for the mid-size segment. However, the performing skills are yet to be examined and based on the predecessor, the engine will not fail.

This engine will make 19 mpg for city drive and 26 mpg at the highway, so the average is 21 mpg. The fuel economy is also better in any way since there are AWD will show positive results. Being economical, this engine is also environmentally safe which is also one step forward.

2023 Buick Regal Release Date and Price

The correct date of launching is still unfamiliar to us. But, concerning the various sources, we all predict the releasement of the new 2023 Buick Regal will take place by the end of 2023. The presentation itself and test trials and performing skills will start by mid-2022. This is going to be one of the most interesting launchings since the previous model has launched back in 2019.

The primary pricing for this model is nearly $45,000 which is not too much concerning the lineup. The model will increase its standards and even with the base equipment it still has many things to offer. The upper range of specialties and upper trim levels will go up to $60,000. We believe that in this segment the price justifies the quality.

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Most of the mid-size sedans are preparing to beat the luxurious model of the 2023 Buick Regal. Although there are some things and models which can cope with this model, we do not believe that is worthy of investment. However, the main rival, for now, could be Cadillac CTS by GM, which is more with sporty preferences.

2023 Buick Regal redesign


We are looking forward to what we can see from the upcoming launches. The Gm factory is announcing fresh news every day so we can expect the first test and presentations. The mid-size luxury sedans are a favorite segment among the audience, especially in the Eastern market.

The planned launching of a new 2023 Buick Regal will confirm our information, and safe sale revenue for the company will be the full score. Our humble opinion is that the GM has finally improved to the point to ensure its position on the Eastern market as the most popular carmaker with many required segments.

4 thoughts on “2023 Buick Regal Review: GS, Grand National, Release Date”

  1. wow excited , I have been waiting for Buick to have a grand come back with a bang, classy and sporty like Regal should be , Buick needs some young and young at heart buyers back again. so we get more Buicks back on the road. the Reagle was needing just a little bit more power full engine to win them over. hope this does it, a great car to drive and great looking on the road

  2. Looking so forward to the new Regal. Currently have a 2014 Turbo with 66,000 miles. I love to drive this fine machine so much I can’t think of not having it, but who knows. This is the fourth in my lifetime and have driven the wheels off all but this one. Bring it own.

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