2023 Chevy Chevelle Rumors, Facts About the SS Model

2023 Chevy Chevelle comeback

Regarding the decade between 1964 and 1977, the Chevy Chevelle actually left a trace in history. Unfortunately, this model is not part of the GM brand anymore. However, some sources have been lightening up the idea of introducing the redesigned model of the 2023 Chevy Chevelle. Could this be possible?

There will be many opportunities for car enthusiasts to think about some old model which is time to become newly redesigned. This model in the past has given the three generations of Chevelle, nice selling results. This will probably be the main point of interest for carmakers, would it be interesting to explore the boundaries with a new lineup or to leave it in the past?

2023 Chevy Chevelle ss

2023 Chevy Chevelle Comeback

From the official GM social networks, we have been informed about novelties regarding to this model. Previously imagines as rough creation in 2014, the new 2023 Chevy Chevelle may come into reality. So, the truth is, there is a chance for this oldie to become futuristic upgraded machine.

The redesign is presented as an elegant and sporty car at the same time. With aggressive appearance and lines, sharp color options and probably an upgraded engine this model hides more things than we think.

Some exterior details as the front-end bars are similar to the Chevy Blazer crossover. the large lower intake section divided by a thin upper bar holding the Chevrolet Bow Tie logo on the front. The lights will have some different position, somewhat lower than it was on its sibling.


The new concept should provide maximum indulge for all fans of this model who are anxious to find more. There is a rumor that new 2023 Chevy Chevelle could offer a 6-liter V8 engine which is paired with 6-speed manual transmission.

The senior versions had a 300 hp, we now expect that this number will increase up to 400 hp at least. We believe that there will be a possibility of a manual transmission. This will bring more interest for new fans especially for this modified sporty vehicle, the control you have on the open roads is priceless.

2023 Chevy Chevelle concept


There were some words about which platform will likely go into production for the new 2023 Chevy Chevelle. This option will likely go to GM’s Zeta platform. Made by Australian subsidiary Holden, Zeta is also known as “Global RWD Architecture”. Its architecture is fitted to be flexible when it comes to different design features such as wheelbase lengths, rooflines, and heights.

This is an interesting topic, especially if that plan comes to reality since this platform hadn’t been used since 2017. This rear-wheel-drive platform was previously modified for the Australian market, and now things go spicy a bit.

When Will 2023 Chevy Chevelle Be Available?

There are no many details to discuss the final launching. Although it is a good thought to bring back the older jewel, however the redesigned model will definitely cost a bunch. The price could be estimated at $39,000.

With the redesigned appearance and upgraded engine, we believe that even a standard package will not go cheap. According to some rumors, the launching would take place in the USA at the GM’s station. However, this model tends to have zero chance to be brought back. And even if that is not true, before the end of 2022 we think that some teasers may be available.

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  1. to bad Chevy missed bring something like the “Old” Chevelle back. Or something close to it. if the drawing are right about the new car, the front visibility will be awful, and it just doesn’t live up to the Chevelle reputation..as the hot car. and with no convertible models this car is doomed to be ho-hum at best…of course the electric car’s will end the love affair guy’s and some girls have with hot car but Chev, is helping the end arrive…perhaps it’s time to look at the new mustang’s, or buy a rebuilt Chevelle something like a 1970…..to spend my old age pension on…

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