2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 Off-Road Package Review

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 snow

General Motors finally confirmed the rumors about releasing a new model of the 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71. However, the main things such as exterior and powertrain will be changed. Some of the trim levels are reduced but still effective and expanded. The new mechanical improvements are more significant and useful to modern needs. The new model of Colorado will have an upgraded platform, new additions in the interior area and an upgraded infotainment system.

However, due to new upgrades, it is seemingly come to discontinuing one trim level. There is a possibility that GM will definitely make a Z71 trim level redundant. We still do not know for sure, but statistics say that upgrading the LT trim level as a base variant will be a better option instead of the Z71. So, there will be more things to offer but sadly, the 2023 chevy Colorado Z71 is going to be off the tracks.

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 Changes

New launching of the 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 will mean that the third generation is out with new specimens and upgrades. The changes within the new unit will be notable in all areas, especially in the exterior. However, the exterior features are hidden with spy shots, but according to public feedback, many things are new. The current model is a work truck also known as WT and also offered in LT, Z71 and ZR2 trim levels, although the Trail Boss is offered as an upper trim level of LT and Z71. However, with the new launch, we believe that the Z71 trim will be dropped after introducing the ZR2 replacement.

Also, regarding the previous statistics, the new Colorado will receive a luxurious variant of LTZ or High-Country trim level. Although, the serious amount of the equipment needed for that trim level is seriously astonishing. We actually expect that the Z71 trim is canceled and replaced with the new version of LT or ZR2.

Minor Facelift

The new model of the 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 will definitely go under the changes, both on the exterior and interior. However, the current model is still undetermined with equipment and overall offer. Nevertheless, a new model of Chevy Colorado will follow new modern styling and will have a more Chevy appearance. According to the latest spy shots, we can say that a combination of new styling and an aggressive stance will make a big hit. The frontal part will be more upright with traditional headlights matched with the redesigned grille. The WT model style is having more traditional lightning system, although the LT model is more upon the upscale configuration.

The new model of 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 will deliver a Multi-Flex position tailgate to the Colorado lineup. This detail will be the first of its nameplate. Although the shell will retain its previous structure, the sheet metal will be new. The final configuration we had the opportunity to see is the Crew Cab short box. The extended Cab version is related to upper trim levels.

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 interior

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 Interior

The current cabin of the Chevrolet Silverado was very criticized by the customers and critics. However, with new 2023 Chevrolet Colorado Z71 will go under serious redesign and upgrade. The all-new cabin will have more space and new materials. The cabin will receive new seats and switchgear. This also requires a new shifter, and push-start button, and also new infotainment package will be available. This nice refreshment will give this model glance of modern appearance.

Regarding news data, the infotainment system of the new Silverado has a lot to offer. This unit will run Google Automotive with OnStar 4G LTE connectivity, which will provide traffic and weather information, navigation and many new features. The current SiriusXM TrafficLink system will be ended with the new upgrade. We can also expect an additional camera view, combined with other security monitoring.

Powertrain, Specs, Performance

The new 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 will be empowered with the turbocharged 2.7L I4 L3B gasoline engine as standard, which is also reserved for the new trim levels. The trims as ZR2 and High Country will more likely earn this engine, which will deliver 315 hp and 435 pound-feet of torque. For this unit, the diesel option will no longer be available, which is ironic since the boosted gasoline delivers more hp and torque than the current 2.8L LWN turbo-diesel Duramax.

The 4-cylinder will be paired with a 10-speed automatic transmission as standard. Although there is a chance of getting an 8-speed automatic for lower trims. The engine should cover all the requirements for the new lineup.

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 release date

2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 Price and Release Date

The new model of the 2023 Chevy Colorado Z71 will definitely make a difference in the domestic market. Since the GM will tend to drop most of the older trim levels such as Z71 which will no longer be available on the future launchings.

The GM has confirmed that new pricing is going to be questionable since more new additions are involved. the starting price for the basic model should cost about $35,500. The top range model with the latest equipment should not go over $45,299.

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