2023 Chevy Nova Montana Truck Concept

2023 Chevy Nova Montana spy photos

Fresh arrivals are coming and the audience is waiting to be introduced with inventions by GM. The fresh startup with new arrival will begin with the 2023 Chevy Nova Montana. This model is a surprisingly more modern and yet a smaller combination of new materials and the latest technology. This model is imagined as a double-cab pickup with unibody construction.

The upgraded model will share some of the features regarding design and appearance with Fiat Toro. However, this model is imagined as the modern smaller pickup with stronger output and towing capacity. The main production will take place in Brazil. The larger distribution is unknown yet, but we hardly believe that will be available in the European market.

2023 Chevy Nova Montana


The never-ending surprises continue especially regarding early news about new models. The GM will gather all smaller trucks under one segment.  The new 2023 Chevy Nova Montana will most likely be introduced as a smaller pickup truck with a strong tailgate and boxy front fascia.

The appearance is slightly sporty but sometimes in the future, some modifications will be made. However, the production itself is long waited to start so we can claim some novelties whatsoever. One of the certain detail is a wide color specter. We can count on metallic lack also followed by bold red as the prime colors. The LED technology will ensure bright frontal lights so as the interior lighting.

2023 Chevy Nova Montana interior


The model in making will tend to offer realistic expectations. The new model of the upcoming 2023 Chevy Nova Montana is imagined as a modern mid-size pickup truck as we had a chance to see it in the USA. So, the new model will be based on the Global Emerging Markets platform. This means that specific architecture will not be offered in the US or Canada in recent future.

The main features which this model could offer, are already seen on the front-wheel-drive Buick Excelle sedan in China a couple of years ago, and chances are that GM is considering that Nova Montana accepts 3-cylinder engines. The idea is to combine the L3T engine from Buick Encore GX since it can develop 155 hp and 174 pound-feet of torque.

2023 Chevy Nova Montana Specs

The ongoing model of Montana seems to become smaller than the new upcoming model. The 2023 Chevy Nova Montana will possibly have a hatchback-derived Montana that will weigh 3,600 pounds. The trailer will definitely keep the heavier towing capacity which will be tested eventually. There will be many new combinations of materials so the lightweight fascia may be made of aluminum. According to recent rumors, the new shell is heavier for upper levels and packages.

2023 Chevy Nova Montana release date

2023 Chevy Nova Montana Price and Release Date

The new model of the leading carmaker will be full of surprises. Starting with construction, design, and technology the 2023 Chevy Nova Montana will attract many buyers. Roughly estimated to cost as much as Fiat Toro, the new Montana will have an affordable starting price. The base cost for the main package will start at $22,700 with no additional equipment. However, we do not know what trim levels will be on offer so we can guess, compared to a current vehicle that the most equipped unit should cost near $29000. The numbers are roughly estimated so as the launching date. Since the upcoming model won’t be launched before autumn of that year, we could expect some modifications and changes.

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