2023 GMC Canyon Redesign, Changes and Price

2023 GMC Canyon spy photos

The new 2023 GMC Canyon will be completely changed, redesigned and re-engineered and upgraded. the company is decided to take a serious jump into the future so this model will be obtaining a new model until 2027. The loyal fans are expecting radical changes, especially in design and powertrain performance. This means that this model will take a short glance at comparing with already existing Chevy Colorado but this is not the case.

This model will have different dimensions, front fascia and a completely redesigned interior. The modifications are notably higher and yet this is a Crew Cab, Short Box model. Based on a new platform which is one of the most interesting novelties, the towing capacity will have higher stamina.

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The new model of GMC carmaker will go through a great makeover so we can expect several exterior solutions. A mid-size truck with cab and bed configurations will be enough for the new platform they adapted on. New 2023 GMC Canyon will suffer serious changes which will result in great renovations especially from the outside. The boxy shape will be replaced by less sharp edges with smooth lines on the front part. From the backside, the tailgate is lower than usual and according to new spy shoots the overall appearance is really modified.

The LED technology is always present, especially regarding the interior. The backlights will have two rows and a new shape which will give a more futuristic look, especially during the night drive. Even the less experienced drivers will find it easier to manual this lightweight truck.

2023 GMC Canyon Interior

According to recent updates, the new 2023 GMC Canyon will go through serious interior changes. The innovation will not be not even close to the current model. Most changes will go under the dashboard and infotainment system. The interior and cabin space is going to be expanded. In that case, spacious interior with original and natural materials.

The carbon decorations will be present for all gadgets and buttons, and rearview mirrors will have manual control. The front seats will have heating control bars and extra safety bells which went under the quality control as the regular ones. The legroom is spacious and comfortable for both passengers in front, and also spacious back seats are ideal for long journeys.

Also, the new model of GMC mid-size trucks will restore new opportunities and new technological achievements. The update will include the changes in safety features, cruise controls and blind zone alert. Although, there is not mentioned when will updates for 2023 GMC Canyon be presented for other markets. USA market will require different matters than the rest of the market areas. The configurations are similar but effective and very high in quantity, so this is going to be a decent opponent.

2023 GMC Canyon redesign

2023 GMC Canyon Engine

The powertrain will receive more than one option for new 2023 GMC Canyon. But the one which will get to be the one secure option is the turbo-charged GM 2.7l L3B 4-cylinder with TriPower technology. This engine is capable of making 310hp and 348 pound-feet of torque. The 10-speed automatic transmission will be the only known power choice.

There is no diesel options with new model which is planned to be replaced with three six-cylinder engine choices. Those will be 2.5l I-4 gasoline, the second will be 3.6L V6 engine and the last one will be the strongest of them 2.8L I-4 with 6-speed automatic transmission.

However, the trim levels which is supposed to be available are Elevation and Elevation Standard. The Denali trim level version is considered the most equipped and upgraded and it will cost the most.

New Platform

It is expected that the third generation of the new 2023 GMC Canyon uses the GMT 31XX platform. The updated architecture is called 31XX-2 and it will be used for new generations which are coming. This platform was generally planned to be used in Wrangler lineup, but those projects are cancelled prior to other models. The Wrangler is planned to be upgraded on the other term.

2023 GMC Canyon diesel

2023 GMC Canyon Release Date

The production will take place in the USA, the only plant which will be known for the production of this model. It is expected that new 2023 GMC Canyon will be launched and presented by the end of next year. However, the final launching and finalization of production are planned by the end of 2023.

The third generation of Canyon will receive more updates regarding the entire lineup, starting with platform, performance and cosmetical appearance. Most of the work on this model is upgraded performance which will attract new buyers and old fans.

The estimated price for the standard model is estimated to cost with a start price of $25000. The Denali premium version will cost about $40 000. We can say that one of the new arrivals will definitely have something to offer.

Source: Eagle Ridge GM

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