2024 Chevy Blazer: Electric SUV Teaser

2024 chevy blazer SS EV teaser

The new 2024 Chevy Blazer is expected to top the previous 2019 model. The new electric SUV should commence in newly redesigned manner with restyling and additional techs. However, this model should be going through some serious changes especially involving the electric version of the familiar SUV. the expectations are high and there are several trim levels confirmed. However, the sporty SS version should be arriving at the same time as the base prototype. The electric version should be using the recognizable Ultium platform, which is more than suitable for further additions.

Since we do not have much data from just spy shots, some sources have revealed that some answers should be available in the current month. However, this model should be a decent opponent to Ford Mustang Mach E-GT and Tesla Model Y, since the Ultium battery gives the GM’s ultimate performance.

2024 chevy blazer ev

2024 Chevy Blazer Redesign

The upcoming Blazer will make a new statement regarding the exterior details. Although smaller by its constitution, there are some things that are confirming the previous statement. The new model 2024 Chevy Blazer will adopt various presentations from the sporty SS version to the crossover SUV. The redesigning is still in progress, so the final result should be available by the end of July of the current year. The real upgrade will come with the releasing the electric version which is GM’s ultimate goal. The company is already transferring the future production to electric vehicles especially sporty and SUV variants.

However, the new model should be riding upon the new platform which will give more space and a better schedule for the architecture. The boxy shape with a great grille on the front will be combined with new LED technology. The taillight although covered, it shows severe adjustments with wider lightning space.

2024 chevy blazer interior

2024 Chevy Blazer Performance

It is still unknown whether the final result is satisfactory for the new model. Although the current model has a turbocharged inline 4-cylinder with 288hp, the new model will have totally different outcome. The evolving engine should be considered as a Ultium battery version with high performance. This engine performance is reserved for upper trims and sporty cars. However, since the engine specs did not reveal in more detail, the final presentation will have to introduce the explanation.

The number of trim levels will show in the closest what kind of engines we can expect. Since the sporty trim level with SS EV is the closest we can give, the engine should gain serious range in speed. We hope that we could have more details by the final launch. We still do not know what kind and size Ultium batteries are going to be, so we could expect both single and dual-motor powertrains. The SS version will provide the most powerful AWD setup with better transmissions.

2024 chevy blazer SS


The launching date should be near. The company’s electrification plan is in the full swing. Advertising said that the due line is by the middle of July this year. However, the new model of smaller crossover with an electric version should hit the market by the end of 2024. The ongoing development is still on the highest peak. We believe that the new electric version of Blazer will improve its statistics from the previous period of time and make new machinery a decent rival.

The pricing for the base package should be reasonable since the experimental phase is almost at its end. However, the base pricing should cost about $43,000 for the base model. Although the Premium and SS version will go over $49,000. The following equipment will make a significant rise in value. So, even the standard package will tend to offer fair additions as well.

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