Chevy Reaper – Revival of the Ken Lingenfelter’s Project

Chevy Reaper release date

There is a lot of speculation about bringing back a new Chevy Reaper. However, there was a storyline in 2006, when that one model had an outstanding upgrade. Since then, nothing significant had happened. Till now, there are just many old fans and enthusiasts who would rather see this model in a totally new arrangement.

This means that even if Chevrolet does experience the opportunity of renewing this model it would be under special terms. However, nothing is officially confirmed nor do we have the correct info about having this model back on track.

Chevy Reaper concept

Chevy Reaper Concept Design

The original Reaper included 20-inch Beadlock wheels, a Fox Racing suspension system, a high-clearance bumper, a reinforced skid plate, and an integrated lighting system, among many other features. All of these, plus a couple of additions, are expected to be included in the new version. The front end of the original model had been roughly modified by getting new headlights, a grille, a bumper and better ground clearance. Therefore, there is no question that conditions will be similar to the latest trucks in the Chevrolet industry.

We assume that the new model will follow the same interior pattern because things were essentially the same as in the basic Silverado. That would be the fact that the interior of the latest Silverado is entirely new. The vehicle currently has a cabin design that is based on the previous generation.

Chevrolet Reaper Engine and Specs

We have no doubt that there will be changes in this area as well. Of course, all those improvements to the chassis and suspension would require a powerful engine as support. Without a doubt, that would be an improved model of the well-known 6.2-liter Small Block engine, which in its base configurations produces about 420 hp and 460 pound-feet of torque. The previous Reaper received a lot of assistance from a supercharger, increasing the maximum output to 550 horsepower.

The new Chevy Reaper is expected to have an even higher maximum output. The Ford Raptor and Ram Rebel are rumored to have enormous 700+ horsepower engines, which is one of the reasons why we think such a thing is true.

Chevy Reaper price


The new Chevrolet project is heading to take a turn onto new series of trucks with newly regenerated posture. The new Chevy Reaper is a project with high investments which should justify the price and expectations. We know that the redesign is something that can vary so we could expect a lot more things besides the details we had brief input on. However, we think that for now, this model is just a theoretical idea that has a nice opportunity to be realistic.

Since this model has a lot from a current Silverado, we believe that rivals like Ford Raptor will have enough upgrades to cope with the new Reaper. However, we will know better after the final confirmation about this model.

When do the Chevy Reaper Sales start?

Despite numerous reports indicating it’s coming, the new 2021 Chevy Reaper is still just a rumor at this stage. We estimate that the cost would be in the range of $65,000 to $75,000. The Ram Rebel TRX and Ford Raptor are two important rivals, as we just mentioned.

The new Chevy Reaper will use the same approach as Ken Lingenfelter, with the same strategy. Of course, the base will be the new Silverado generation that debuted last year. On the other hand, we anticipate that the new edition will provide a comparable range of improvements. Those include both mechanical and aesthetic changes. We hope that this idea will be touchable proof that one man can really make a difference.

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