2023 Chevy Cruze: What We Know So Far?

2023 Chevy Cruze release date

The GM is releasing a new model of the 2023 Chevy Cruze with numerous advantages. The previous model was in a nice position when it was fully equipped as the highest trim level. With the new release, the company will introduce a five-door hatchback with upgraded packages. The new principle of making the new vehicle on the same platform will show nice results. New Cruze will probably save you some extra cash since the safety packages are expanded and updated as well. Although the hatchback version has more to offer the sedan version is not less worthy of investment.

The new model can expect to offer more than the previous one. Regarding the facelift, there will be some adjustments. However, the main characteristics will be notable and yet at the same time very much unique. Also, with new garments, we can expect better engine output and new sort of engines. We can say that, according to the recent tests, the new engine did a very nice activity.

2023 Chevy Cruze


People are excited by the new arrangements and redesign of a new 2023 Chevy Cruze. The hatchback version is very exclusive and comfortable. The exterior is very appealing and not so much massive. With rebranded fascia, it will make the new model highly rated on the upcoming presentation. With a larger wheelbase and 18-inch tires, we believe that this is the unique type of redesigned hatchback lately. The exterior will be equipped with LED technology, as we can see on the frontal lights.

The upper trim levels will have some different external additions which could be available if the GM used the same pattern. The roofline will be in upper dimensions and with a five-door system will have its new chrome handles. The ground clearance is notable in RS trim level where it seems to have a sportier design. Combined with basic colors and with a wider choice of the new ones, we can notice that the base package covers all.

2023 Chevy Cruze interior


The new model of hatchback version 2023 Chevy Cruze will have really nice offer. The even baser package has its own story and we can sure you that it is worth every dollar spent. Spaciousness and strong materials inside are more than enough for a comfortable drive. Regarding the previous sedan version, this model is not something that is up to date. This Cruze will have all the technical features needed for new launching. However, this also means that having a well-equipped dashboard and spacious interior, will get to the top updated status for just a standard offer.

The infotainment is now equipped with a new feature which is connected with an 8-inch display and performing Chevrolet’s MyLink PC software. This method is easy to use with minimum effort. Therefore, you will always count on wireless Bluetooth and internet connection, along with Apple CarPlay. In addition, the Android mobile phone will also have easier connectivity in order to stay connected with other devices.

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2023 Chevy Cruze Specs

The new engine of 2023 Chevy Cruze will have two options one for the sedan version and the other for a hatchback. Although the only thing that is different is positioning, the output is similar to one another. The current model is still using the previous engine, but the output is slightly different. The main engine is 1.4-liter turbocharged with a new design and with aluminum details and tubes. The aluminum tubes are implemented in order to become lighter with better performing skills. The energy goer directly through the tubes and with new minimum rubbing parts, the pressure releases more energy and produces more torque.

As far as the sedan version, we can say that the same 1.4-liter turbocharged can produce a very nice output. But, the electric version is capable of producing 15 hp and 29-lb-ft of torque. This engine is able to go up to 60 mph in 8 sec. The fuel economy is highly positioned and combined with the 6-pace digital transmission which proves a winning combo.

2023 Chevy Cruze hatchback

2023 Chevy Cruze Release Date and Price

This model is one of the most anticipated since the US market has a lot of room for exposure. The new 2023 Chevy Cruze is expected to be realized by the middle of the next year. Production will take place in the US, and some sources say that variants of a hybrid version should be produced in China. The possibility of presenting more than two trim levels is not confirmed yet. The GM has announced a new release of two base versions both sedan and hatchback in LT and LS versions.

The first base package is estimated to be priced from $22,300. The base packet will have a fair offer with the upgraded infotainment system and with stronger performance. The upper trim levels will have additions that will cost more. The top upgrade is estimated to cost $24,300. Compared to the exterior design, the hatchback version should cost more than the sedan version.

5 thoughts on “2023 Chevy Cruze: What We Know So Far?”

  1. I’m so glad to hear about the curse coming back. I loved my other cruse that I had and was upset when they discounted them for my next lease program. my lease is up in March so I’m hoping they will be out in the market by then. looking forward to seeing the new ones.

  2. Excited to have another Cruze for 2023! Will be placing my order at local Chevy dealer soon. I have had 3 Cruzes in a row and cannot beat the mile per gallon! It’s a wonderful mid-size car with a lot of pick up that I would recommend to anyone who has to travel. The car has so much room in it! Thank you so much for continuing on with this model! I LOVE IT!

  3. I was a proud leaser of three Cruzes. When they were no longer available , I had to go for a Traxx. Now time for it to go- Cant wait for my new Cruze!!!

  4. Douglas Grether

    I owned 2, a 2013 LS and a 2014 LT. Was considering buying a third when news of the discontinuation and closing of the Lordstown, Ohio Plant made the news. Is this new Chevy Cruze going to be built in the U.S?

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