2023 Chevy Montana Coming to the US?

2023 Chevy Montana

GM has announced a new set of vehicles that will be leading the next generation. The new model of 2023 Chevy Montana is one of them. The precise date of finalizing the project is not familiar, however, the main idea is also fair with the future offer. The new model should be an upgraded version of the current model, however, the major upgrade has already been done. We can only hope to get to see the new additions which will provide new engineering and redesign with more clarity.

The next generation should be one of a kind. However, the previous model had enough experiments with fascia and exterior, so this is going to be a new version of a pick-up truck with four doors and several engine choices. Although assembled in South America, its own market will have an advantage for pre-sale reservations.

2023 Chevy Montana spied

Main Changes

Although it was scheduled for March next year, the finalization of production is not over yet. This mid-size truck will tend to make new details more approachable to the public, so the GM has officially published and confirmed as well. what is the most interesting fact about this model, is that this model should be one of the first unibody compact pickups in the recent Chevrolet dealerships.

The frontal facia is boxy shaped with several styles mixed. The frontal part is well-mannered almost similar to the previous model. The LED technology is still deeply involved in the overall line-up, especially the frontal lights and back taillights. The darkened glass was reserved for upper trim levels, but we can guess it can be customized. The cargo trailer space is reduced, but still highly functional. The lightweight is still satisfactory and does affect on the performing skills as well. the color choice stays the same as it was in the previous model, with expanded choices reserved for upper trim levels.

2023 Chevy Montana Expectations

There are a lot of things that are interesting regarding this model. As one of the first unibody models in GM company, this model is supposed to be available in South America first. Although assembled in Brazil, this model is fairly created to become more affordable and yet practical. The new 2023 Chevy Montana is going to be able to compete in one of the fastest growing segments, especially on the global markets.

According to GM chairman, the ongoing tests were showing the most satisfactory results. With the safety measures involved, and compared to its durability tests, the new Montana will justify its expectations. One of the achievements is also lower noises cabin and reduced vibrations as well. The Gm also states that new Montana will assure people that the new project is full of innovations with better dynamics, efficiency and technological update. The customers will receive a serious cope with their expectations. The main competitors would likely be Fiat toro and Ford Maverick.

2023 Chevy Montana interior

2024 Chevy Montana Interior

The new arrival 2024 Chevy Montana should be one of a kind vehicle in every mean possible. The unibody mid-size truck will make a debut as one of the most upgraded vehicles lately, especially regarding the interior details. The new cabin is going to be spacious and surprisingly silent. The sound is sustained to the minimum where we can notice any turbulences from the outside and while riding. The interior will be enough to accommodate five people with comfortable legroom spec and nicely done furnishing. The upper trim level will have leather details involved both with detailed stitching and a fairly equipped dashboard.

The infotainment system will also have upgraded features. the new GM technology will provide safety measures such as parking assistance and rearview cameras. On the dashboard, we will see the adjusted 8-inch touchscreen with additional USB ports. The Wi-Fi connectivity is guaranteed especially with driving assistance and handsfree apps.

2024 Chevy Montana Powertrain Specs

As we previously mentioned before, the new 2024 Chevy Montana will carry on the nameplate with reach history. Although the assemblance is taking place in Brazil, the entirely idea for this engine was made by their Gm team. The engine we expect to see is probably the same as the current model. Although that solution should be regarded as the base package offers.

This version is featured by a 1.4L I-4 LE2 engine which is able to produce 154hp and 178 pound-feet of torque. The boosted engine is going to be paired with 6-speed automatic transmission. There were words about the electric version of this vehicle, but nothing is confirmed yet.

2023 Chevy Montana changes


The pricing is still unknown here. The new 2023 Chevy Montana will be available mostly in the South American market, although the future on US market is still in process. However, the new Montana will be available in several trim packages, but with no clear picture regarding price.

The fairly estimated price for the base new model should start between $25,000 and $28,000. This is the anticipated amount although with no further hints about the real options.

NOTE: Do not mix the Montana truck with the Nova Montana model.

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