2023 Chevy Trax – The Final Appearance

2023 Chevy Trax price

As may as it seemed, for the GM to announce once more, the redesigned new unit, the new 2023 Chevy Trax will be slight. However, this model still has a lot more interest especially when it comes to discontinuing the model. The Gm is not officially confirmed, but we can anticipate that after the following launching new Trax, the rest will be history. The new and twelfth unit of its generation will be the last of this label. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to find out that the new model should receive some new specimens and redesign, but in some minor details.

The redesign and platform should remain the same, as well as functions in its infotainment system. This subcompact SUV will be one less competitor for Trailblazer since they share similarities. This model is a carryover so we can’t expect a lot more of an offer, especially in performing skills.

2023 Chevy Trax release date


The new 2023 Chevy Trax will receive minor exterior changes, especially with color palettes and lights. this subcompact SUV will retain the current taillights with a swept-back posture. The longer boxy shape will tend to keep on riding on the current platform. Although the boxy shape and not so aggressive appearance are working for some, the real design is not so appealing to the eye. It appears to be just as a carryover with minimum effort of making it different at one point.

Most GM models regarding SUV types are very flexible with the redesign. However, the lighter shell which is made of carbon steel can produce better performance. The 22-inch tires are remaining untacked especially with upper ground clearance. This is a nice feature for heavy terrains and with a lack of access. The LED technology fits perfectly in the overall design. Although is massive, the basic shape lines are giving the simplicity needed.

2023 Chevy Trax Interior

Although has a massive appearance, the new 2023 Chevy Trax is not so much full of space as we thought it would be. However, the machinery inside and technical support are not lacking. The interior itself should contain several color options and the capability of folding seats. There can be enough room for about six people. The space between the seats is decent but not the way too much cozy. The natural leather and carbon details are present in upper trim levels.

The simple center console layout has large dials for the HVAC system and sits slightly off-center for easy access. This model has a similar offer to the one from the 2015 layout. However, the tech features are pretty much the same as the current model has to offer. On the dashboard, we can notice a 7-inch touchscreen as standard equipment. The infotainment system will also include a Wi-Fi hot spot, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay, Bluetooth, two USB ports and satellite radio. Also with this and 6-audio speakers. The new model will not go under serious upgrade, especially the new Trax. This offer is fairly estimated since there is no room for further upgrades.

2023 Chevy Trax interior

Engine and Gas Mileage

The new edition of the 2023 Chevy Trax will be interesting to see. Regarding the engine specs, there is also a steady chance to be left as it was. However, some sources say that exactly the engine change is something that the carmaker wants to offer since it is the last edition. The new engine spec will offer better performing skills and more torque, but the idea of an electric battery is reserved for the opponent.

The engine should be a 1.4-liter 4-cylinder engine is a standard option on the Trax. The motor can earn 157 hp and comes with a 6-speed automatic transmission. The Trax also comes standard with FWD and is available with AWD. This engine should continue to be available for the 2023 Trax, with maybe a slightly more torque. One of the most interesting details of the current Trax SUV is that the only safety measure is a rearview camera. we do not expect much to change with the new launch. But, the Optional safety features include rear cross-traffic alert, blind-spot monitoring, and rear parking sensors.

2023 Chevy Trax

2023 Chevy Trax Release Date

There is no correct details or dates confirmed about the final launching of a new 2023 Chevy Trax. Since there will be no larger adjustments or changes, we think that the access for sale should be in the fall of 2023. Since this is the last model of this SUV the price will definitely range. Pricing for the 2023 Chevrolet Trax should stay close to the current unit range. The SUV will cost from $22, 600 to $24,395.

The competitors in this class are the Hyundai Kona, Mazda CX-30, Nissan Kicks, Volkswagen Taos and many more. The pricing range in this segment should be fair compared to other SUVs which are also available for this and the year after.

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