New Truck Review: 2024 Chevy Montana Comeback and Price

new 2024 Chevy Montana

The 2024 Chevy Montana is the new arrival of the GM company. Chevy made the decision to keep pursuing Ford with a new version of the redesigned truck. A small, compact pickup truck called Montana is designed to compete with the upcoming version of the Ford Maverick. Maverick is one of the uncommon little trucks, and in the future is planned to be presented as an EV.  So far, fulfills all requirements and is the best-selling vehicle in its category positioned under the mid-size class and Chevrolet Colorado. In its short version of presence, it gained significant popularity and offered Ford a notable legacy in the truck market.

Montana is reportedly Chevrolet’s response to this small truck, with a unibody setup. We don’t believe it will be available in the North American market for the first year. FWD and a full four-door pickup truck are what is expected. Interior design will likely be influenced by previous predecessors. We anticipate seeing the iconic Chevy logo and the distinctive appearance the company puts on the front row of the grille.

2024 Chevy Montana teaser

2024 Chevy Montana Exterior

We don’t know exactly what the 2024 Chevy Montana exterior will look like. We know that it has a unibody architecture and a complete four-food build. This formation is currently quite popular and makes production less complicated and faster. It is assumed to appear with 17-inch rims. Wheels should ideally come in a variety of colors to enable further personalization. The cargo bed may not be the normal 5.5 feet long. Expect a large fascia with a sizable mesh for air intakes up front.

Furthermore, headlights might be in a more straight position. We’ll have to wait and see whether we receive winching capabilities and an LED bar put on the roof for increased visibility. Don’t anticipate the 2024 Chevy Montana to have a high ride height. After all, we don’t believe it will take the effort to fulfill the all requirements for the off-roader. Having that in mind, the smaller truck will have lesser towing capacity than the basic average off-roader.


The 2024 Chevy Montana interior will undoubtedly have a resemblance with one of its siblings.  A smaller version of what Silverado has to offer comes to mind. The interior is supposed to be able to receive up to five people. Instead of a crowded space, this would allow for some flexibility and comfortable driving. Excellent seating is stunning, as are features for heating and cooling. The interior has various transitions depending on the trim level. The most furnishing should be satisfying, as previous Montana had in offer. Although it can be competitive, this smaller version has promising ideas and development.

However, there should be more upholstery material. Given that the Maverick is a more straightforward truck, luxury might be the key to defeating it. The development of intriguing new technology is also beneficial. Before the final test and drive trivia, we can say more about tech achievements.

2024 Chevy Montana

2024 Chevy Montana Specs and Towing Capacity

The new model of GM factory can be limited to one or two engine options. The new 2024 Chevy Montana will deliberately be offered with a smaller engine since there is no certain way to go with giant towing capacity. The most likely scenario for this model is a compact powertrain. It has a 1.2-liter, three-cylinder engine, according to reports. It has a strength of 133 horsepower capacity. However, there will not be hybrid options. There is no certain explanation why, since the rival Maverick has several options. This is still a developing version so the future is unsettling.

With a brief comparison, the Maverick’s hybrid engine produces 250 hp and 277 pound-feet of torque. This is roughly twice as many horses as there are in Montana. Far more logical would be a Montana that is entirely electric. As this pickup isn’t very large, a substantial battery pack wouldn’t be required to move it. As we mentioned before, the silver lining is not that near so the finalization of a new Montana needs more time.

2024 Chevy Montana Price and Release Date

The production is expected to start in a while for this unibody compact pickup. Later in 2024, we might be able to test-drive the brand-new 2024 Chevy Montana. After a year, the North American market will witness the arrival of this pickup, but it won’t make its debut overseas. These releases are reserved for the US area only.

For the base trim, the cost is reportedly in the range of $20,000. Their major rival, the Maverick, offers a price that is very comparable to that. Hyundai Santa Cruz is a rival in certain other markets. The truck will soon have more information available. The expectations are divided. While some are claiming that this model is wasting money and resources, others are quite supportive. However, we will have to wait for more details regarding technical and safety promotions and further engine solutions.

3 thoughts on “New Truck Review: 2024 Chevy Montana Comeback and Price”

  1. Hey, we are tired of all the automakers giving us these gigantic boxy trucks with four doors. Give us what you give other countries…….small compact, single cab trucks. We demand it!

  2. An extended cab with a 6 foot box would be nice. Some people haul more than a few bags of groceries or golf bags. The rear seat on most of these small trucks are worthless except for kids. Have a 07 GMC Canyon now. Extended cab and a 6 foot box which is full most of the time that I am hauling. Nice to get in and out of, easy to load and tie down. The replacement Canyon sets about a foot higher and is not easy to get in and out , to load or tie down. When you are forking or using a scoop shovel over the side this makes a big difference. Would order a new one just like I have if it was available.

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