2024 Chevy Nova Montana Ready For the South American Market

2024 Chevy Nova Montana concept

This model will probably make a debate online since it has been a while since this model was even considered for production. The new 2024 Chevy Nova Montana will appear earlier this year, although it is reserved for the Brazilian market mainly. We still have no correct facts about the future of this model. However, the main posture will tend to maintain the quality of the predecessor.

Before the official confirmation, Inmetro company ultimately ended in leaking data about the pickup which will tend to be released by the beginning of the following year. This happened even before GM disclosed all the missing information. The latest 2023 edition includes information on Brazilian vehicles, including the new Montana’s consumption.

2024 Chevy Nova Montana truck

2024 Chevy Nova Montana Trim Levels

The new 2024 Chevy Nova Montana will be offered by Chevy in four trim levels: LS, LT, LTZ, and Premier. While the other two have a 6-speed automatic transmission, the first two feature a 6-speed manual transmission. Each has a 1.2 turbo engine with a maximum output of 133 hp. Although information and the pre-sale price for the LTZ and Premier have already been made public, the manuals are the focus.

The LS and LT variants of Montana will both use 8.3 km/liter in cities and 9.6 km/liter on the highway when fuelled with ethanol. These data are confirmed by the Inmetro America, especially Brazil. However, these figures rise to 12 and 13.6 km/l when using gasoline. The ultimate standard was listed as 1.70 MJ/km in the 2023 vehicle labeling table. As a result, the truck will be given the CONPET seal of energy efficiency, getting a classification of A for compact trucks and B overall.

2024 Chevy Nova Montana Engine Specs and Fuel Consumption

The automatic variants can achieve 7.7 km/liter in the city and 9.3 km/liter on the highway, and according to Inmetro tests for ethanol and 11.1 km/liter and 13.3 km/liter for gasoline. With just 1.81 MJ/km less usage, the automated versions are classified as B in the compact pickup truck segment and C overall. Having these digits, there is a chance of making the 2024 Chevy Nova Montana ahead of the Toro pick-up truck which is one of the favorites in the sale. The fuel consumption will effectively affect the environmental benefits. However, by the time this vehicle reaches the European market, maybe there will be some changes in overall posture.

In a very short time Nova Montana received very positive feedback. According to Inmetro, the comparison with Toro is notable but still beatable. However, we have to confirm that according to tests, the better transmission and fuel savings goes to Nova Montana.

2024 Chevy Nova Montana price


The new Brazilian model will make a special debut next year. There is no correct data about the final exterior of this modern pick-up. The futuristic appearance with sporty colors will tend to attract as many new buyers as possible. The engine area is appealing already, and having an exotic exterior combined with 17-inch rims will make nicely refreshment.  The ideas of the future redesign we can find online, although it appears to be super realistic and futuristic, these sketches are not much likely to be achieved. The matrix is not present in the car industry in that matter after all.

As far as the interior course, we have to believe in modern technology. The interior should be spacious and with a double row of seats. The frontal part should have an updated dashboard with the latest technical specs. However, until the final launch we can only start to guess what its equipment should have. The infotainment system should be the same at the Silverado motion, and this is more than probably to happen. The upper trim levels will have an upgraded infotainment system as well.

2024 Chevy Nova Montana

2024 Chevy Nova Montana Price and Release Date

The production of this compact pickup is anticipated to begin soon. We might be able to take a test drive of the brand-new 2024 Chevy Nova Montana later in the current year. The introduction of this pickup will be felt in the North American market after a year, probably only as Chevrolet Montana. These releases are only available in the US.

According to reports, the price for the base trim is around $20,000. The Maverick, their main competition, has a pricing that is fairly similar to that stage of production. However, this price is not confirmed, although it is stated that for the Brazilian market the price is more than affordable. The upper trim levels should be a lot more expensive and even gaining the upper price of $33,000.

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