Is GMC bringing back the Envoy for 2024?

GMC Envoy concept

A new crossover SUV with a stylish retro name could be reappearing to GMC. This month, General Motors renewed its application for trademark protection of the name “Envoy.” According to the trademark application, based upon the company sources, the name would only be used in connection with sport utility vehicles, engines and probably SUV versions. Having been discontinued back almost two decades, there are many car enthusiasts who would like to see resurrected versions in the modern era. Regarding the stats we have here, this is not very much likely. Even though the GM is cutting off many older versions, the GMC Envoy will make no tribute whatsoever.

Most people would likely associate the Envoy with the Chevrolet Trailblazer that GM produced from 1998 to 2000. When GMC revived the SUV in 2002, it gained significantly greater popularity and continued to be manufactured until 2009 as part of the brand’s reorganized SUV offer. Although the GMC Envoy may have been killed off by high gas costs almost ten years ago, the market for SUVs is still booming at the expense of passenger sedans today. Next year, the GM will discontinue the Chevrolet Impala, Cruze, Volt, Buick LaCrosse, and Cadillac CT6 in addition to perhaps preparing a new Envoy. However, even with a state like that, the Envoy’s fate is still a mystery for many car lovers.

GMC Envoy at4x

GMC Envoy Concepts and Renderings

There isn’t much information available regarding the new Envoy’s design. However, it is quite likely to be a crossover SUV with FWD like the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. The Blazer and GMC Acadia both use the same modular architecture, often known as the C1 platform inside the General Motors organization. However, there are more important questions to be answered.

Another equation is where the Envoy would fit into the GMC lineup. GMC presently offers a mid-size crossover in the Acadia and a small crossover in the Terrain. Since the Acadia was reduced in size for the current generation, GMC no longer provides a full-size crossover. So the redesign remains unclear whether will use one or another form. In our opinion, there is no much hope for this nameplate.

Future of the GMC Envoy

Perhaps the Envoy, which would effectively replace the Acadia as GMC’s newest full-size model, would share the enlarged C1 chassis with the Chevrolet Traverse. Contrary to certain rumors, it’s unlikely that any future GMC Envoy models would share a platform with the speculated Buick Enspire crossover.

This year, GM also applied to trademark the term “Enspire,” which hinted at the possibility of a new small crossover with dimensions similar to those of the Cadillac XT4. The Terrain and Acadia could fit an XT4-sized GMC vehicle, however, it would probably overlap both vehicles. We should know more about what GM has in store for us in the coming year. However, regarding the 2024 GMC Envoy, we do not have hope for this vehicle.

GMC Envoy comeback

Can the Denali Version Draw Interest?

According to recent feedback from the GM industry itself, there may be some other versions that would cope with this nameplate. However, the most recent rumors have depicted the 2024 Envoy Denali version which would not be just as standard. They will bring the latest technologies. No sizing in question, the GMC Envoy Denali will include leather seats and a sizable screen in the middle of the dashboard. Additionally, all versions come included with GPS, Apple CarPlay, and Android Auto. Regarding to infotainment details, this version appears to be promising.

The rear-seat entertainment system is feasible if the SUV enters the big truck category. However, GMC is currently improving its off-road line. The AT4 package combines unique components to enable vehicles to function in the most demanding conditions. There are air suspension systems, shocks, exhaust, skid plates, and tires, and many more. Additionally, the interior includes some enhancements, though it’s not as cozy as the Denali model.


No matter how people of fans have enthusiasm, the GM will probably stay to the ground regarding some models. The most exciting part is digging into the past of course, but why? The most notable reason is nostalgia. We still hope for the best for the possible future of the Envoy nameplate, but none of the car makers actually confirmed something.

After many people realized that some things are not achievable for this version of the SUV, hope still exist. However, having on mind that mainly SUV and sedan versions are transferring into the electric vehicle segment, we will probably take a hint upon that version. Although, the future will show us the final outcome of the GMC Envoy, which remains uncertain. But sadly, not for the upcoming year of 2024 will have that realization.

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