Is Pontiac coming back in 2024?

is pontiac coming back

Pontiac was one of the most famous names in the market under the GM’s command. But, due to the economic crisis, the brand was shut down in 2010. There are many iconic cars with the Pontiac logo, but it was not enough to keep the company still in the game. The brand was sitting above Chevy and GMC in the General Motors family. Many see it as the “performance” division, while Cadillac and Buick were premium options.

The brand was struggling in the market for years before bosses finally decided to cut it out. Well, Buick was also in a tough position at that time, but with better sales. Still, many of their vehicles were discontinued, and nowadays there are only a few crossovers and SUVs available in the US. With production moved to South Korea, it might be the end of Buick as well.

Nevertheless, fans didn’t forget the company that once ruled the muscle car market. Some of them even ask on Reddit if the Pontiac is returning soon. The most interesting theory is – if the Hummer was revived, anything is possible. But, don’t put too much hope into this.

pontiac trans am
Trans Am is one of the legendary Pontiac pony cars

Short History

The brand was founded in 1926 with headquarters in Detroit, Michigan. Pontiac was a successor of the Oakland Motor Car and after 1931, it was added to the GM family. Right from the start, the manufacturer drew attention with their vehicles and engines. Still, the golden ages of the Pontiac happened in the 1960s and 1970s. Some of the GTO models from this era are real collectible jewels.

The end could be predicted after the discontinuation of the Oldsmobile brand in 2004. It is another GM’s branch and an even older carmaker than Pontiac. The final era started in 2005 when General Motors tried some things to keep the Pontiac alive. All the efforts weren’t fruitful and the company announced the shutdown of a few brands, including Hummer and Pontiac. With the return of the Hummer, some enthusiasts started questioning about another comeback – of the Pontiac.

Iconic Models

Fans and owners will fight about this, but we can say there are a few models that changed the course of the company. For example, the Pontiac Bonneville in late 1950s is considered as one of the most beautiful cars ever made. The GTO is the most popular product, especially among collectors of classic muscle cars. Nevertheless, the last hope died with the fail of the 2004 YM. The best version – GTO Judge from 1969. Another icon is the Trans Am. It debuted in 1970, during the golden age of pony cars. Probably the last Pontiac you’ve heard about is the Aztek. But, not for its style or performance, but because of the Breaking Bad TV show. Walter White drives a Pontiac Aztek crossover SUV.

pontiac aztek suv
Used to see this one in the Breaking Bad

Most Expensive Pontiac Models Ever Sold

A few months ago, a collector splashed $1.5 million on the Pontiac GTO Judge. What makes this version so special is the limited number of examples built. This is not an ordinary GTO Judge, but the convertible one. The company produced only 168 of these back in 1970. This sale beats the previous record. The same car with the Ram Air IV Convertible badge reached $1.1 million. Still, both of these sales are not in the top 10 of the most expensive pony cars ever sold. But, the Bonneville Motorama concept from 1954 is a $3.08 million piece of the collection.

most expensive pontiac
This is the $1.5 million GTO Judge convertible sold in 2023

Conclusion – Pontiac Might be Back, After All

Although Pontiac had a very rich history, we probably won’t see it again. First of all, GM is not holding rights for the nameplate. Anyway, that shouldn’t be a big problem, but still requires some planning. Then, experimenting with this brand, while there are safe bets, is not a risk bosses are willing to take. Pontiac is the best known for muscle cars. This is a dying segment and even Chevy Camaro is facing discontinuation after the 2024 season.

Nevertheless, the light of hope is a limited-edition performance vehicle. With the Camaro at the exit door, we don’t know what other car can be suitable to offer the Pontiac as a part of its lineup. Another option is to make a U-turn and start the new era by bringing back Pontiac as an EV.

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