What car will replace Camaro after 2024?

2024 camaro heritage edition

The Collector’s Farewell edition of the iconic muscle car is out. There is no too much time left to buy the Camaro since the company is discontinuing it after next season. But, the question is – will General Motors leave this slot open? The interest in pony cars is not to high nowadays. The peak in sales was 30 years ago. In past few seasons, Chevrolet barely sells 20k units per year. Mustang still achieves better numbers, but they are also dropping rapidly.

So, it is hard to expect that the company will replace an iconic vehicle with something new. If they can’t sell Camaro, they won’t sell something else. But, there are rumors mentioning another legendary nameplate to come after 2025. Chevrolet Impala was another discontinued car due to the increase of popularity of versatile crossovers and SUVs. However, it can have another run as the successor of the Chevy Camaro.

The latest speculations, probably caused by the news about the Camaro, are mentioning another possible replacement. We wrote about the Buick Skylark, so you can read article HERE.

chevy camaro evolution
Camro through years

Future of the Chevy Camaro

The Camaro will be back already in 2025, but not as a vehicle we used to see. The electric version is in development.

Well, this is not a surprise, knowing that General Motors already launched a few EVs. Also, Dodge is considering adding the eMuscle car, while Ford uses a Mustang nameplate for the Mach-e SUV. Car and Driver magazine reports the new Camaro EV will wear the E/28 badge.

It will be a shame to discontinue the legendary vehicle. There are so many memories and cool versions to mention. But, the sales are the most important indicator and these are currently at a historic low.

2024 camaro ev
Fans believe this is the Camaro EV teaser

Chevy Impala Comeback

The pony car slot will be open for some while, but the carmaker is planning to give another shot to this class. However, the Camaro moves to the electric segment and it won’t use an internal combustion engine anymore. Instead, the replacement is coming to keep the rivalry with Ford and Dodge. According to some sources, the 2025 Chevy Impala is going to replace Camaro.

Speaking of that move, the car retired in 2020 as a sedan. However, it won’t be the first time Impala is changing its body. But now, it will need more than that. Pony cars require specific engines and there is no way we’ll recognize it without a V8 and some high-end version. It is not late for the car to use some of the solutions offered by the Chevrolet SS.

2024 camaro farewell edition


The last model of the Camaro will be available in the 2024 season. The company called it Farewell Edition, and experts already see it as the Heritage Edition. The changes for the final appearance are limited to the exterior and interior. The drivetrain will be one of the existing ones. We assume the engineers will go with a 6.2-liter supercharged V8 and 650 hp configuration. Unfortunately, the enhanced version from the Cadillac Blackwing models that delivers 668 hp is not going to be carried over.

The price of the 2024 Chevy Camaro Farewell Edition won’t be a bargain, so start saving money if you want to buy this collector’s car. After nearly 60 years, this is the end of an era. Like many other vehicles, muscle cars are suffering because of the expansion of crossovers and SUVs. Versatility is hard to match. Pony cars offer slightly better driving impressions and handling, but everything else is in the crossover’s favor. Plus, there are some high-end versions with performance tuning.

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